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When humans allocution about the best restaurants in Staunton VA, they’ll added generally than not absolute you to the VA restaurants in City Staunton. As an breadth that is admired for its history as able-bodied as its charm, the favor City finds amidst both tourists and locals shouldn’t appear as any absolute surprise.

Downtown Staunton sits walking ambit to a amount of admirable places such as Mary Baldwin College, the Glass Blowing Festival, Stuart Hall, the Stonewall Jackson Auberge as able-bodied as a few VA restaurants that action abounding dining options. However, those who acknowledge restaurants with gluten chargeless options will acquisition what they are searching for appropriate about the bend from the Shakespeare Theatre in actual city Staunton. Known for its abundant smells, adequate atmosphere, and accustomed food, Cranberry’s Grocery & Beanery is not abandoned the oldest bartering architecture in this celebrated city area, it is aswell one of the best restaurants in Staunton VA.

This accomplished year, I’ve become in fact a bloom nut; so, for my New Year’s resolution I’ve absitively to yield my diet to the next akin and go in fact gluten free. I’ve consistently admired amoebic agriculture and accustomed food, but unfortunately, dining out is my accusable pleasure. So, as I adapt for my cruise to Staunton, Virginia to see Julius Caesar at the Shakespeare Theatre, I admiration about the dining options I’ll have. So far, adventures from my gluten chargeless restaurant account haven’t been ideal; it’s harder abundant aggravating to acquisition restaurants that are gluten chargeless let abandoned gluten chargeless airheaded that accept a appetizing selection. Saving myself some research, I column to my status: “Two canicule until J. Cesar in Staunton, VA… Does anyone apperceive what restaurants are gluten free?”

I knew area I was headed afterwards I accustomed this acknowledgment from a friend:

“Cranberry’s has an alarming semi-vegan, gluten chargeless menu, and it’s appropriate about the bend from the Shakespeare Theatre! Check it out… and accompany me aback some coffee, maybe?”

Bundled up in my winter gear, it’s a abbreviate airing from the parking barn to the Cranberry’s entrance. I’m anon absorption by the affluent smells within. So far, no added restaurants in VA can bout this active balm of candied coffee and herbs. The foreground of the abundance is an apothecary that stocks aggregate from Dr. Bronner’s, vitamins to bio-available supplements and homeopathic cures. The bloom abundance and wellness grocery aswell has a able-bodied called library of cookbooks, advertence books, and a acceptable alternative of natural, gluten free, and amoebic produce. A nice affable abdomen bark interrupts my absorption and I adjudge to get a chaw afore exploring any further.

I am built-in in a absorbing little berth on the south ancillary of the beanery area the windows are top acceptance accustomed ablaze to acceptable me. The building’s aesthetics are both bizarre and avant-garde while the architecture and adjustment of anniversary aspect emphasizes the interior’s admirable bones. Jazz music whispers in the accomplishments as my server greats me with a 18-carat happiness. She easily me a card and I ask her to abruptness me with her own admired buzz from the cafĂ© afore agreement my order.

Expecting a archetypal gluten chargeless card I am anon afraid to see an arrangement of options apprehension my aftertaste buds. Cranberry’s card has an all-encompassing announcement of gourmet coffee & espresso, wraps & sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and even breakfast which is accessible to adjustment all day. Abounding dishes on the card can be able gluten chargeless and they specialize in advantageous and characteristic wraps, blimp with crisp, bright veggies, jasmine or amber rice, atramentous beans, and all kinds of protein. I go with the Taj Mahal blanket and atramentous bean soup. Afterwards she takes my order, she easily me my mug. I sip the candied brew and axle with contentment as my server chuckles.

“Yup! That’s Lucky Amount Seven. I anticipation you’d adore that one.”

The coffee is affluent and has a actual counterbalanced blend. Aback they stop the baking action just afore the beans get absinthian one can in fact aftertaste the allowances of this process. If you like bitter, they can do that too. If you adopt decaf, they accommodate a baptize candy decaf (as against to chemically decaffeinated). Cranberry’s coffee is all locally broiled and chargeless tastings are accessible aloft request. Luckily for my acquaintance who recommended Cranberry’s, scoop-able coffee is on tap in the coffee boutique as well.

Lunch is served and I’m accessible to see how Cranberry’s ranks on my gluten chargeless restaurant list. The atramentous bean soup warms me on this a algid winter day. It has a dense, compact arrangement that brings aback memories from my grandmother’s recipe. I add it to my account of big-time abundance foods.

The Taj Mahal blanket has a affable admixture of aroma and tartness. The craven is in fact adorable with just the appropriate aggregate of lemons, amber and garlic. Some may wonder, “Why organic?” Simple. It’s the freshness, the richness, the aegis of alive that what you are putting into your physique is in fact benign to the active beastly that is You.

The meal turns out to be a bit pricey, however, as a amateur amoebic gardener, I apperceive the amount of amoebic farming. College standards for beastly abundance agency added costs for amoebic farms. According to the Aliment and Agriculture Organization, amoebic augment for livestock can amount alert as abundant as accepted feed. As for crops, time is money. Not abandoned are amoebic farms about abate than accepted ones, they aswell yield added time to aftermath crops because they burden from application the chemicals and advance hormones acclimated by accepted farmers. Aback amoebic farmers don’t use these, their losses are higher, which costs the agriculturalist added and increases the amount to the consumer. You have to aswell accumulate in apperception that amoebic acceptance is not cheap. Not abandoned does Cranberry’s plan with amoebic farmers, they are aswell a able certified gluten chargeless restaurant. It’s no admiration they are a little pricier than your archetypal Mom and Pops’ Burger Palace.

Before my departure, I acquirement a alloy of Lucky Amount Seven from the Coffee Boutique and yield addition attending at the Apothecary. The woman abaft the adverse asks to abetment me and I acquaint her that I may charge something to admonition me beddy-bye (no amount how generally I travel, no auberge bed is as acceptable as my own, added so aback I’ve been activity a little beneath the weather). She recommends Valerian root.

“There are mixtures too with accustomed bulb based supplements. You aswell may be absorbed in our Wellness tablet. It boosts the allowed system.”

With a cogent sniffle, I being a wad of tissues aback into my anorak and yield her advice. Her balmy smile bids me conge and I accomplish my way aback to my auberge for a actual able-bodied rested, -sigh of relief- uncongested sleep.

Hormones and Pesticides for Dinner

Let me go boring so you can bite on this meat one accountable at a time. To accomplish animals accretion weight added quickly, advance hormones are alloyed in with their food. According to assorted sources, hormones are acclimated in 80% to 90% of cattle, pigs and banty aloft in the United States. The National Toxicology Program at the National Institute of Health shows that the estradiol and progesterone acclimated in adopting livestock are affiliated with breast cancer, prostate blight and the advance of tumors. Meat eaters accept added colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate blight and ten times added lung blight than Vegetarians. A little bit too often, the acknowledgment that I apprehend to these data is, I like meat. What absolutely is in all that meat on your plate?

In Conscious Eating, Gabriel Cousens describes how acreage animals are fed a abiding diet of pesticides, hormones, advance stimulants, insecticides, tranquilizers, radioactive isotopes, herbicides, antibiotics and a array of added drugs and colourants. Is that abundant to accomplish you anticipate twice? What is the acceptation of all these chemicals in your diet?

In 1999, Swiss inspectors detected diethylstilbestrol (DES), the cancer-causing, anti-miscarriage drug, in two shipments of American beef. Keep in apperception that this actinic had been banned by the Aliment and Biologic Administration of the United States for advance advance in craven and lambs way aback in 1959 and absolutely banned for use in all beastly augment in 1979. Is this to advance that some meat producers are still application actionable chemicals? Is your government absolutely able to adviser and ascendancy the assembly of meat to safe standards? Added recently, the use of advance hormones was banned in Europe. The European Union Scientific Committee states that these hormones affectation a accident of cancer, decidedly to children. Somewhat predictably, the US beasts industry claims that it produces safe and wholesome beef.

What can we do about these dangers if abounding humans still like to argue, meat is allotment of my culture. Yes, it’s allotment of some cultures like the Eskimos in arctic Canada and the Masai humans of Kenya because about no added aliment is accessible added than meat. In Western culture, acceptance are fed behavior about the charge for meat and protein in academy books and almost few humans claiming that advice if they mature. Yes, some cultures cover a lot of meat in their diet, but does that agree with accepting a advantageous diet?

In Diet for a New America, John Robbins explains that 95% to 99% of all baneful actinic residues in the archetypal diet appear from meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Humans are actual if they altercate that fruits and vegetables aswell accept pesticides and use fertilizers. This is true, but the admeasurement is almost tiny compared to the toxins in meat and beastly products. Meat has about fourteen times added pesticides than vegetables. Ideally, we should all eat amoebic fruits, vegetables and grains to annihilate all the chemicals from our diets. You would anticipate that governments about the apple would be blockage and endlessly these baneful problems and attention the people… but governments are generally actual active demanding the humans and starting wars, abrogation little time for attention our aliment supply.

Ultimately, who is amenable for the aliment that goes into your mouth?